Words limit us! - Linguistic Relativity

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I was watching this movie called Arrival recently. The movie made me think a couple of things, while it’s sci-fi but it was built on some facts.

What was the movie about?

[Spoiler Alert!]

The movie starts with the arrival of 12 UFO at 12 different location across the globe. The UFO were just hovering above the ground, no war/or anything. Every day, the ship would open doors for some time, during which a couple ...continue reading.


What is Justice? It’s just one perspective of reality

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Lately, there has been so much news about rape cases, murders etc. and our judiciary being inefficient in passing judgements quickly. There are many opinions on this in the news. Some of them are:

“Justice delayed is justice not served. ”

“Justice given in haste is as good as revenge. Justice needs time. ”

“Criminals are humans they can’t be murdered, else what’s the different b/w them and us. “

Well, to be honest, ...continue reading.


1 Year at hotstar – a startup in beast mode!

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It’s been over a year since my association with hotstar and it feels like it was yesterday. I started with hotstar as a consultant. I was initially tasked to work with the team in making the platform scale for upcoming IPL. I worked over period 2-3 months with the QE team on building out the first version of what we called Game Day Simulations  It was a very interesting problem statement, something which I have ...continue reading.


My BAE is Product!

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After working for about 5 years in the industry, I have finally found my BAE. The solution to the mystery was hidden in the words itself.

BAE is an acronym for before anyone else, which is commonly used on the internet as a slang for referring to your partner. It’s important to identify what your bae is in your career as well so that you can build a clear trajectory for yourself. It took me ...continue reading.


Extreme Engineering! @Hotstar – IPL 2018

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The statement “Hotstar consumes more than 50% of India’s internet during IPL” is a powerful enough statement to give goosebump to any engineer/technology enthusiast. This is the very same statement which got me into working with Hotstar for IPL 2018. IPL is an event which is hosted in India but it is a mega-event globally, and India is a country where cricket runs through the blood of every kid in every ally. Every ...continue reading.


The mischief time!

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We have heard that time is precious, time is money, time is etc etc. Today I am associating another adjective with it, ‘Time is mischief’

I and time have been really good friends for long. It is one of the most accessible and knowledgeable elements I have come across. And it is something which I trust blindly. It does take advantage of this trust and sometimes becomes so mischief leading me into a chain of ...continue reading.


Being business first in early stages.

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A lot of time I come across founders/leaders in a startup who are focused on optimisations, building a solid technology. Many of them actually don’t have a business roadmap. They are still experimenting, figuring out the right path to the eventual product. To all such leaders, I only have one feedback, Please focus first on your business. If you survive the battle today you will win the war. To win a war you don’t ...continue reading.


Why is it important to say no to simple things!

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Often, my colleagues and peers have complained that I say no even before listening to them. People do find it to be an arrogant and rude behavior. Today I want to share the chain of thoughts which goes behind saying an absolute No even before listening to the entire context.

When you have worked in an industry for a while. Everything which is going around looks similar to work done in past. Experience is something, ...continue reading.


Fashion in Technology

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Like how the fashion industry works, where people try to stick around to the latest trending clothes, the tech industry is also moving on similar lines. Recently I was talking to someone:

Dev: We are moving to Angular 4 from react.
Me: Why?
Dev: It has got a lot of improvements, which would be nice to have. And everyone is moving towards it.

Now, this is the problem with the industry. People without even understanding ...continue reading.


Engineering is expensive!

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Often I have come across instances where business people come up with the set of requirements which should be done as this will save so much of their time. But that’s their perspective.

Building a solution using technology is fair but one should be very wise when implementing things via that. This blog post is to help you understand why engineering is expensive, and what all things you should consider when building something using technology. ...continue reading.