Visual Basic Application Deployment

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Yesterday I was debugging one of the visual basic application. The application had a database attached to it, what i thought was to deploy the whole application as an executable. I published the application but, it showed error that database file was missing. Then after Googling for some time. I found the solution, that if we want to deploy an application with certail external things attached. I need to first add those items in the ...continue reading.

0 v2012…

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Hello Friends,

Finally I have completed the 2012 version of my website

Features this time…

  • This Time I have shifted my blog to wordpress and customized the clockwork theme to match my website.
  • My site is build using HTML5, CSS3, so for the people still stuck with old browser’s its time for you to upgrade your browser.
  • The Backend is as usual PHP, MYSQL.

This time my blog is going to be very active ...continue reading.


PHP File Upload

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File Uploading seem to be a very difficult task but it is not soo. It is very easy to create a file upload scriipt.

Steps for working with file upload

Create simple form with a file input form

<input type="file" name="file" id="file" />
<br />
 <input type="submit" name="submit" value="Submit" />

Create a verify.php page which will recive the file and handle it.

This php script would show you the attributes of the file

...continue reading.

Forgot Password…

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I have made class notice and soft copy material system for student in which each student can login with there register no. and by default student ID. but my class mates cannot remember a 6digit ID also so they call me for the ID. I am just Fed Up of theese thing and has thus decided to create a Forogot password system.

So here is my algorthim

  • First when a user would click on forgot
...continue reading.

Gmail Search Filters

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I was just searching for an important mail in my gmail mail box. But my mail box was full of the FACEBOOK notifications, and i do not knew the senders mail id or subject.

what was left was to search all the mails from FACEBOOK and delete them. But i was in hurry so i thought, if I could omit the result of FACEBOOK, so what got into my mind was to use NOT operator, ...continue reading.


Recaptcha for Human Verification

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Recaptcha is a free service by google codes which provide us the ablity to verify wether the form is submited by a human or not.

Google provides very simple API for Captcha. you can check it at HERE

I used the ajax method to get the captcha loaded and then used the php method to verify it. BY mistake what i did was i passed the wrong post variables to the verification file and as ...continue reading.