Object Oriented Programming….

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Before the Aaruush 12 project, i had oops only as a concept but this time i implemented it, and yes it saves a lot of work, as well as makes the code to look nice…

So what i did was, i made a core api which worked around all the database operations.

The idea I used:

  • Made classes which did operations on a particular table in the database. The functions were created as and when required by either extending them with some more variables ( as php allows a default value for functional parameters it is very easy to extend usage of function).
  • These functions can be reused in again, so simplifying the look of main outer code.
  • I made a class for html form elemets, so to create a form i just have to call the function and pass the id, name, class, of the element and i get the html. after appending these, i wrap them around a form. and this all happens inside php. so the code looks more decent.
One more thing which can be quite useful while working with multiple import files in php, is to create a import.php file
Now import this file wherever all the core library id required, instead of importing each core separately.
This is quite useful when working with in multilevel directory.
Happy Programming….