A Stressed Up Tornado

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Today, I was having a discussion with my friend on how stress and anger affects our daily thought process. I came out with an analogy to explain how imagination works.

Imagine you are standing in your garden, the ideas are like leaves, butterflies around you, where in anger/stress is like dust in the air. When the concentration of the dust increases in the environment, the visibility of the leaves and other beautiful elements is hindered ...continue reading.


Group Mail across different mail services

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I have found lot of people looking for a group mailing service, which can allow them to add people having mail account on different email services. But I don’t think that there is any such mail service exist. But there is workaround to do that. It’s using the Google app services.

If you have a custom domain, then you can easily use this workaround for having group emails. The method involves use of Google app ...continue reading.