A Stressed Up Tornado

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Today, I was having a discussion with my friend on how stress and anger affects our daily thought process. I came out with an analogy to explain how imagination works.

Imagine you are standing in your garden, the ideas are like leaves, butterflies around you, where in anger/stress is like dust in the air. When the concentration of the dust increases in the environment, the visibility of the leaves and other beautiful elements is hindered and that’s when you can’t visualize your idea properly. Dust can come from anywhere, it can be people travelling nearby who carry dust to your garden or there might be something in your garden which just got decomposed (An idea which you thought will work out but didn’t), etc.

Certain people dope (take drugs) to be more imaginative / creative. I consider doping as the rain, when it rains the dust particle settle down, and you again have a clear picture of what you want. But when it gets sunny again, the water which settled the dust evaporates, and the dust goes back in the air. You will now wanting to dope again so that you can have a clear picture of your ideas, now that’s how we get addicted. After a certain point of time the people so become addicted to clear picture, that he keeps on doping. But again when it keeps on raining continuously, even that hinders your visibility of ideas.

So the way I suggest to get out of this is, go to a shop buy a vacuum cleaner, build a good filter and suck all the dust from that place and dump it. And then work on preventing more dust from entering your garden, maintain it by throwing away the decomposed stuff.

All stress gone forever and never comes back


Credits: Akshaya Raghu for title