Why still with TinyOwl?

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I get this to hear frequently from people around me that why are you still working at TinyOwl? Almost everyone has left tech. Well first to clear things out, Yes we have lost some great mind to the battle of survival. but we still have a great team with us.

Yes, TinyOwl has faced a lot of media outrage in past, but we are doing good. The reasons I am still with TinyOwl are:

1. Nothing much new in market
Almost every other consumer startup in India, is at the same stage as TinyOwl T-6 months, spending heavily on marketing and offers to lure customers to platform. Well that is working good, but eventually, you cannot scale with that model.

2. Challenge!
Life is about challenges and it would be very boring without them. Being at TinyOwl is a challenge every day. The challenge we have taken up is how can we bring customers closer to the food, and make the entire experience to be great. For which we are doing a lot of experiments like Magical Fridge, every day and trust me working on them is way better than just doing the same thing every day.

3. Risk!
Life is boring if you don’t have anything at risk. The best part about going to office for me is that it might be my last day at the office. This might sound like crazy but it is fun, and this keeps me motivated.

4. Maturity and Focus
I am pretty sure if things would have not happened, we would have been on altogether another road to nowhere. Our thought process and implementations have matured, now we talk about economic, budget, user experience rather than all time about number of order, number of cities, etc. Technology is really a masterpiece it multiplies your efficiency of doing business, and we are focusing on using it as our major tool. Which is great!

5. Growth and Opportunities
From the time since I have joined TinyOwl, what I have loved is the growth opportunities which the leaders of company see in people around. As TinyOwl is growing it brings in a lot of opportunities to everyone including me. I am getting a chance to use certain other skill sets which I doubt any other company would have seen in an engineer.

Some of you will still not agree with me. You might be correct in your way of thought but this is my perspective of Why working with TinyOwl is still a great idea, at least for me.

There is another statement that I get to hear from people is that culture in the company has died. My answer is No! It’s still great, as it was. Yes there was little bit of demotivation, and I guess anyone would be demotivated if there plan doesn’t go as planned, but it has cleared now.

P.S.: We have a great workspace, one of the best space to work in India. It’s just too refreshing everyday to be there in office. And I can guarantee that people are enjoying and working not like you would have been imagining. As a proof I am adding some pics from the recent activity “Box Cricket”, which we played at our office.