The mischief time!

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We have heard that time is precious, time is money, time is etc etc. Today I am associating another adjective with it, ‘Time is mischief’

I and time have been really good friends for long. It is one of the most accessible and knowledgeable elements I have come across. And it is something which I trust blindly. It does take advantage of this trust and sometimes becomes so mischief leading me into a chain of ...continue reading.


Being business first in early stages.

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A lot of time I come across founders/leaders in a startup who are focused on optimisations, building a solid technology. Many of them actually don’t have a business roadmap. They are still experimenting, figuring out the right path to the eventual product. To all such leaders, I only have one feedback, Please focus first on your business. If you survive the battle today you will win the war. To win a war you don’t ...continue reading.