The mischief time!

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We have heard that time is precious, time is money, time is etc etc. Today I am associating another adjective with it, ‘Time is mischief’

I and time have been really good friends for long. It is one of the most accessible and knowledgeable elements I have come across. And it is something which I trust blindly. It does take advantage of this trust and sometimes becomes so mischief leading me into a chain of thoughts where I am like this should not happen. But then this blind trusts kicks in and asks me to shut up.

What I have realized over this journey of life is that. Wherever the person is today is the best place he/she/it could have been. Situations, people, our thoughts our the curtains which hide away the reality of the time. And since time is a very good friend and cares about everyone it has to figure out ways to remove these curtains (people, thoughts, etc).

Mischief, the way out of misery!

Mischief is an art where eventual goal is to make everyone happy but it involves a phase of discomfort and sometimes really upsetting people involved. We all love Loki/Krishna (god’s known for mischief), no matter how much damage he has caused but eventually, when some good is needed, Loki then uses this mischief to help things out of misery.

Good things need a lot of patience!

The only way I have learned to deal with this is through patience. Time is like a creative child, it wants things to be dramatic. All of the time’s drama has the happy ending. The only thing which we don’t get is the length of drama. We conclude things on end of every scene because we haven’t been briefed about the number of scenes. If you are a reader or movie freak I am sure you enjoy a movie with more twists and turns than a movie with a simple story.

There are a lot of instances from my life, where I have seen this drama unfolding scene by scene. I have been broke, my friends know it better. But where I am today, I don’t think there could have been a better alternative universe. It’s debatable from different perspectives but from my happiness perspective, it’s the best. The slightest change in any of events in my life would have not landed me to where I am. Now that I am sitting here. Now that I have understood all the mischief of time, I am prepared for the thrilling journey ahead.

I would like to thanks to each and everyone who has contributed to where I am. And I would like to thanks time for writing this beautiful script which I guess has many more scenes.

PS: While writing this blog I realized we refer time using ‘it’. But time is materialistically immaterial.