Words limit us! - Linguistic Relativity

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I was watching this movie called Arrival recently. The movie made me think a couple of things, while it’s sci-fi but it was built on some facts.

What was the movie about?

[Spoiler Alert!]

The movie starts with the arrival of 12 UFO at 12 different location across the globe. The UFO were just hovering above the ground, no war/or anything. Every day, the ship would open doors for some time, during which a couple ...continue reading.


What is Justice? It’s just one perspective of reality

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Lately, there has been so much news about rape cases, murders etc. and our judiciary being inefficient in passing judgements quickly. There are many opinions on this in the news. Some of them are:

“Justice delayed is justice not served. ”

“Justice given in haste is as good as revenge. Justice needs time. ”

“Criminals are humans they can’t be murdered, else what’s the different b/w them and us. “

Well, to be honest, ...continue reading.


Extreme Engineering! @Hotstar – IPL 2018

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The statement “Hotstar consumes more than 50% of India’s internet during IPL” is a powerful enough statement to give goosebump to any engineer/technology enthusiast. This is the very same statement which got me into working with Hotstar for IPL 2018. IPL is an event which is hosted in India but it is a mega-event globally, and India is a country where cricket runs through the blood of every kid in every ally. Every ...continue reading.


Separation of concern, just not in code

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`Concerns` is a term used in computer science for scoping out the different behavior of the code and `Separation of concern` is a design principle for separating a computer program into distinct sections. I like this philosophy as this tells you how important it is to keep your code organized by separating concerns. The same applies to how you organize your engineering teams as well. There is a need for understanding, ...continue reading.


AWS RDS Mysql SlowQuery monitoring on Kibana using Logstash

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AWS RDS is an amazing service, it provides an uptime of almost 100%, the only way you can bring it down is if you push a bad code or you “drop the database”. We have been trying to improve hackerrank performance by optimising lot of core parts of our application. But before any optimization can be done one needs lot of logging and analytics to figure out what exactly is slow. Well there are logs ...continue reading.


A Stressed Up Tornado

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Today, I was having a discussion with my friend on how stress and anger affects our daily thought process. I came out with an analogy to explain how imagination works.

Imagine you are standing in your garden, the ideas are like leaves, butterflies around you, where in anger/stress is like dust in the air. When the concentration of the dust increases in the environment, the visibility of the leaves and other beautiful elements is hindered ...continue reading.


Group Mail across different mail services

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I have found lot of people looking for a group mailing service, which can allow them to add people having mail account on different email services. But I don’t think that there is any such mail service exist. But there is workaround to do that. It’s using the Google app services.

If you have a custom domain, then you can easily use this workaround for having group emails. The method involves use of Google app ...continue reading.


Mysql Driver in nodejs

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I was looking forward to add a mysql driver for the nodejs application i am currently working. Since I din find a very good comparison of all the modules for mysql anywhere, I am putting my compiled review here.

[ A driver is a software module, component which can be used to act as a adapter for one software application to another, Its used to connect different software module in software design. Its like a ...continue reading.


Programming Paradigm

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Its been a long time since i made blogged about something.

Many of my friends are quite a number of times puzzled by the fact how a program should be written, or what exactly is programming, how do you build the logic. I will tell you all my understanding of how any program is written.

There are three major paradigm which i have seen in my experience of computing.

  • Structured / Procedural
    Do you remember
...continue reading.

Object Oriented Programming….

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Before the Aaruush 12 project, i had oops only as a concept but this time i implemented it, and yes it saves a lot of work, as well as makes the code to look nice…

So what i did was, i made a core api which worked around all the database operations.

The idea I used:

  • Made classes which did operations on a particular table in the database. The functions were created as and when
...continue reading.