1 Year at hotstar – a startup in beast mode!

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It’s been over a year since my association with hotstar and it feels like it was yesterday. I started with hotstar as a consultant. I was initially tasked to work with the team in making the platform scale for upcoming IPL. I worked over period 2-3 months with the QE team on building out the first version of what we called Game Day Simulations  It was a very interesting problem statement, something which I have ...continue reading.


Amazon Prime India – Review

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TL;DR: I think Prime service quality is really very bad as of now in India. Needs a lot of improvement. 4 out of 5 orders have been screwed where they have crossed the worst case promised delivery time, in spite of them being a metro to metro order!

Recently Amazon launched its Prime services in India, with which I was very delighted, and subscribed to it immediately. It is available for free for first ...continue reading.


Why still with TinyOwl?

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I get this to hear frequently from people around me that why are you still working at TinyOwl? Almost everyone has left tech. Well first to clear things out, Yes we have lost some great mind to the battle of survival. but we still have a great team with us.

Yes, TinyOwl has faced a lot of media outrage in past, but we are doing good. The reasons I am still with TinyOwl are:

1. ...continue reading.


Keeping the stack lean

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Technology is really fascinating, every day someone comes up with something or the other. And we as a developer tend to fall for it every time. It sounds really cool to use what’s trending in the market. What is more cooler, is that My company is working on so many stacks, we know this and that, etc. I agree that we all should keep exploring new technology and keep ourselves updated. But in the end ...continue reading.


Mumbai – City of dreams… Journey so far

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It’s been around 4 months since I moved to Mumbai and no doubt it is really a city of dreams. The life over here is very different w.r.t. Bangalore. The city is crowded, has traffic issues but still it is one of the best cities to live in. I think one of the main reasons is People over here, who happily accept themselves and the life of city. Everyone over here has a big heart, ...continue reading.


First startup experience of my lifetime…

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HackerRank, is a startup with engineering team based out in Bangalore founded by Vivek and Hari, both are just amazing person one can get to work along. Vivek is the business mind and Hari is the engineering mind, what else does one need!

I came here for internship in Dec. 2012 after being referred by Shiv,(He was a college senior, also he is an amazing engineer one of the best I have ...continue reading.


The New Facebook Blue Messenger

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Facebook recently upgraded its messenger to blue messenger.

This messenger has an impressive design, but it misses the royal blue color of facebook.
One of things which I like about this messenger is the chat list which is now available in the pop out chat head itself, so you can easily add your friends to pop out list without having to navigate away from the current app.

This major update of messenger has one more ...continue reading.