Keeping the stack lean

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Technology is really fascinating, every day someone comes up with something or the other. And we as a developer tend to fall for it every time. It sounds really cool to use what’s trending in the market. What is more cooler, is that My company is working on so many stacks, we know this and that, etc. I agree that we all should keep exploring new technology and keep ourselves updated. But in the end ...continue reading.


Modeling Tools

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These days i have been searching for some good softwares which can help one in modelling, I wanted the application to user friendly. I was searching for tools to implement the UML modelling which i learned in my Software Design Course, Experimenting with many available software, I found few of them to be quite useful, but the bad thing with them is that both of them are proper-tier as a result i got only 30 ...continue reading.


Visual Basic Application Deployment

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Yesterday I was debugging one of the visual basic application. The application had a database attached to it, what i thought was to deploy the whole application as an executable. I published the application but, it showed error that database file was missing. Then after Googling for some time. I found the solution, that if we want to deploy an application with certail external things attached. I need to first add those items in the ...continue reading.