Building peaceful and scalable infrastructure

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This is the first of the series of blog post on building peaceful and scalable infrastructure.

Every DevOps dream is to have a stable infrastructure so that he/she can sleep peacefully without having to worry about systems going offline. From my experience if you cover up following areas in your infrastructure. You can sleep peacefully.

1. Design/Architecture

The better you know your components in your infrastructure, the better you can design it. There are multiple ...continue reading.


Object Oriented Programming….

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Before the Aaruush 12 project, i had oops only as a concept but this time i implemented it, and yes it saves a lot of work, as well as makes the code to look nice…

So what i did was, i made a core api which worked around all the database operations.

The idea I used:

  • Made classes which did operations on a particular table in the database. The functions were created as and when
...continue reading.


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For those who cannot understand any of the terms in the title…

PHPIt is a web development language used on server side. PHP stands for Hypertext Preprocessor.

CURLwhat it stands for according to me is  Capture URL  It is one of the methods in php to reterive contents from remote websites on the backend itself.

JSON Javascript Object Notation, It is one of the what i would say is STRUCTURED ...continue reading.


PHP File Upload

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File Uploading seem to be a very difficult task but it is not soo. It is very easy to create a file upload scriipt.

Steps for working with file upload

Create simple form with a file input form

<input type="file" name="file" id="file" />
<br />
 <input type="submit" name="submit" value="Submit" />

Create a verify.php page which will recive the file and handle it.

This php script would show you the attributes of the file

...continue reading.

Recaptcha for Human Verification

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Recaptcha is a free service by google codes which provide us the ablity to verify wether the form is submited by a human or not.

Google provides very simple API for Captcha. you can check it at HERE

I used the ajax method to get the captcha loaded and then used the php method to verify it. BY mistake what i did was i passed the wrong post variables to the verification file and as ...continue reading.