Object Oriented Programming….

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Before the Aaruush 12 project, i had oops only as a concept but this time i implemented it, and yes it saves a lot of work, as well as makes the code to look nice…

So what i did was, i made a core api which worked around all the database operations.

The idea I used:

  • Made classes which did operations on a particular table in the database. The functions were created as and when
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Recaptcha for Human Verification

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Recaptcha is a free service by google codes which provide us the ablity to verify wether the form is submited by a human or not.

Google provides very simple API for Captcha. you can check it at HERE

I used the ajax method to get the captcha loaded and then used the php method to verify it. BY mistake what i did was i passed the wrong post variables to the verification file and as ...continue reading.