What is path to success and what does it cost?

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I am sure I am not the first one to express thoughts on this. What I want to share is that whatever we read about being successful is absolutely correct.

What is ‘success’ and the path towards it?

There is no clear definition of success as such, it’s actually very subjective to the person. For some it is a regular life, for some it’s money, and for few, it’s building something extraordinary and so on. ...continue reading.



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Date: January 7, 2014 | Bangalore

What we see around is actually a reflection of what we are.
Just that in the real world all mirrors are not same.
Some blur your reflection,
some give color to it and,
some just block the reflection.
But, you can always choose the mirrors around you.

...continue reading.


Tripping over trust?

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Date: October 13, 2013 | Chennai

Someone asked me once that how can you still so blindly trust a person. I told him that trust is something which is build upon the good qualities of a person. 

A person will look for exactly same thing which one had in oneself, I am always seeker of good in a person and till the point of time I feel (not see because sometimes dust can hide the ...continue reading.


The closer you go…

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Date: September 17. 2016 | Powai Lake, Mumbai

Here I am sitting on an edge of a lake, on one side of the lake are high tall hills made of rock and soil while on other side are the tall buildings made of concrete and bricks.

Both are carrying life in them, just in different form. And both the form are fighting for their survival. Daily, looking at each other with empathy, jealousy for each ...continue reading.


Two ways to look at life

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Date: October 6, 2013

While traveling in a bus last year in Bangalore, a thought came to my mind which i noted down and m sharing it now.

We have two ways to look at life, i.e. either you take a seat looking towards the way you are going and forgetting about the things behind you, or you take a seat looking at the things which you are leaving, without knowing whats coming ahead. But ...continue reading.