Pixel perfect development

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History behind this: 

One of the things that I heard very frequently when I joined in my current organization (BabyChakra, We are hiring!) was that “Dude we need quality, How do we get that?” For first I thought that it was about the absence of good QA hence there were a lot of bugs in the product, So I went ahead and solved that problem (How? That’s a secret ingredient, NVM

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The 90/10 Rule of Business and Technology

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On 1st of August, 2016 the top 5 companies trending on the stock exchange were all tech companies. Technology has the capability to make things more efficient, It doesn’t replace job function just make them smarter. Sometimes this causes the redundancy in roles and sometimes generation of new role.

From my experience, most of the business needs can be catered by the very basic technology solutions which exist. Generally, it is said to be 80/20 ...continue reading.

Configuring without CM

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Configuration Management is one of the best things you can have in your infrastructure. It gives you a clear picture of what and where things would be running, it gives you the capability to involve the software design principles in your infrastructure design. But there are times where you don’t actually need CM, because they come with some overhead. For organizations, who don’t want to adopt to a full-scale CM can use something like FSS ...continue reading.


Weekend vs Weekends

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Since the start of my career I had got weekends for leisure time, but being in a startup I used to end up working on most of the Saturdays. So when I got an opportunity to work at TinyOwl which was 6 days a week, I was completely fine with it, because I thought that I anyway do work on Saturdays, what’s the harm if it’s officially open. 3 Months post joining TinyOwl, I was ...continue reading.


7 level security classification model

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When you start building your infrastructure, your servers cross communicate with each other which brings in lot of security risk. To reduce this risk you should have some way to organize/classify your servers. The idea behind this model is to define how critical is the server from the security point of view. Hence, this level model works very well.

Server Class Level Description Example
Public + Subnets behind Level 0 Any server in our infrastructure
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Building peaceful and scalable infrastructure

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This is the first of the series of blog post on building peaceful and scalable infrastructure.

Every DevOps dream is to have a stable infrastructure so that he/she can sleep peacefully without having to worry about systems going offline. From my experience if you cover up following areas in your infrastructure. You can sleep peacefully.

1. Design/Architecture

The better you know your components in your infrastructure, the better you can design it. There are multiple ...continue reading.


Separation of concern, just not in code

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`Concerns` is a term used in computer science for scoping out the different behavior of the code and `Separation of concern` is a design principle for separating a computer program into distinct sections. I like this philosophy as this tells you how important it is to keep your code organized by separating concerns. The same applies to how you organize your engineering teams as well. There is a need for understanding, ...continue reading.


Why still with TinyOwl?

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I get this to hear frequently from people around me that why are you still working at TinyOwl? Almost everyone has left tech. Well first to clear things out, Yes we have lost some great mind to the battle of survival. but we still have a great team with us.

Yes, TinyOwl has faced a lot of media outrage in past, but we are doing good. The reasons I am still with TinyOwl are:

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Keeping the stack lean

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Technology is really fascinating, every day someone comes up with something or the other. And we as a developer tend to fall for it every time. It sounds really cool to use what’s trending in the market. What is more cooler, is that My company is working on so many stacks, we know this and that, etc. I agree that we all should keep exploring new technology and keep ourselves updated. But in the end ...continue reading.


Mumbai – City of dreams… Journey so far

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It’s been around 4 months since I moved to Mumbai and no doubt it is really a city of dreams. The life over here is very different w.r.t. Bangalore. The city is crowded, has traffic issues but still it is one of the best cities to live in. I think one of the main reasons is People over here, who happily accept themselves and the life of city. Everyone over here has a big heart, ...continue reading.