Amazon Prime India – Review

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TL;DR: I think Prime service quality is really very bad as of now in India. Needs a lot of improvement. 4 out of 5 orders have been screwed where they have crossed the worst case promised delivery time, in spite of them being a metro to metro order!

Recently Amazon launched its Prime services in India, with which I was very delighted, and subscribed to it immediately. It is available for free for first ...continue reading.


Weekend vs Weekends

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Since the start of my career I had got weekends for leisure time, but being in a startup I used to end up working on most of the Saturdays. So when I got an opportunity to work at TinyOwl which was 6 days a week, I was completely fine with it, because I thought that I anyway do work on Saturdays, what’s the harm if it’s officially open. 3 Months post joining TinyOwl, I was ...continue reading.